Ben & Jerry’s FREE Cone Day 2017

Ben & Jerry’s FREE Cone Day 2017 is being celebrated up and down the UK. Ben & Jerry’s will be giving away FREE ice cream at a host of locations between 12pm and 8pm! This year’s extravaganza will be taking place on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 so be sure to mark your calendars and grab your friends!

Where did it all start?

1979 marked the first ever Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day!  It was their way of thanking everyone for all the love and support they showed in the first year of business in a renovated petrol station in Burington, Vermont, USA.  Since then, Free Cone Day has only gotten bigger and better and is now celebrated all over the world!

You can visit the Ben & Jerry’s website here for further information, and to locate your nearest participating store. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and tag us in your FREE Cone Day selfie’s @couponqueenemma.

FREE 6″ Subway Customer Appreciation Day!

Single or taken this Valentine’s Day Subway are sharing the love. On the 14th February Subway are holding national customer appreciation day in all of their stores. You will be able to pick up a FREE 6″ sub when you purchase a large drink or water. A large drink costs £1.30 whilst a water is £1.20 which means a bargain lunch date!

The customer appreciation day will run from 11am-7pm, but I advise getting down there early as I’m sure many will have the same idea. You can find out more information on the Subway website here.

Debt Advice From The Experts

There’s a huge array of financial advice that can rescue people from perilous situations. While some of it is irrelevant and some unsatisfactory, a lot more is perfect and applicable to your own lifestyles whether you owe £500 or £50,000. Below are some of the tips from experts in their fields – those who have turned finances around and turned peril into pounds.

Trim your bills: there are a huge variety of tactics and mechanisms which can help you trim utility bills, such as the use of price comparison sites to compare what services are better for you. Financial expert and TV personality Martin Lewis states that if you can’t find a service online, then consider phoning up your provider and simply asking if you are on its cheapest tariff – and if you’re not, then swap over. Also, consider looking at some of the smaller providers as opposed to the ‘Big Six’. Citizens Advice on gathering information: “Find any letters and emails you’ve had about your debts, along with the credit agreements you’ve signed. For each debt, you need to find the name of the creditor or lender; a copy of the loan agreement you signed (sometimes called a ‘credit agreement’ in your paperwork); and details of how much the debt is now.”

Money Advice Service notes that the risks of not prioritising debts include the danger of losing your home, the risk of receiving a court summons, being visited by bailiffs and bankruptcy. The top seven in order could be regarded as: mortgage, rent, council tax, child maintenance, magistrates court fines, tax, and county court judgments. says that your options for paying debts include a Debt Management Plan (DMP) which is essentially an agreement with creditors to pay debts when you may only be able to pay off a small amount per month. A DMP may not always be right for everybody and some companies may charge you to set it up in the first place, but it will at least give you options to alleviate your debt. If a DMP is set up you will no longer have companies hounding you for money, but your credit score will be affected; however, with time and consistent payments it will start to rise again.

Another option is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), which allows you to pay off some of your debt. There are many advantages and disadvantages of an IVA and whether its right for the applicant will depend on their individual situation. Debt specialists PayPlan however say the solution can help you become debt free within a certain period of time and due to the formality of the agreement, creditors are not allowed to charge interest for the duration of the plan. While an IVA also has disadvantages – you are placed on the Insolvency Register, you agree to pay into it for a set period of years, and your credit rating will be affected – it usually involves a percentage of the debt being written off so once your agreement is complete you can rest assured you will be free of any unsecured debts.

Look forward: Writing in Lifehacker, financial expert Denise Winston says that in planning how you will tackle debt in future, you should earmark any potential financial windfalls now. For example: “Cash gifts, bonuses, raises, overtime pay, and your tax refund should all be added to the payment for the loan you are currently working on, “instead of using it on an urge to splurge.” Winston also suggests decluttering your home and finding extra reserves through vouchers and coupons.

The Boots Up To 70% OFF SALE *CONFIRMED*

Finally, after much confusion today Boots have confirmed when they’re famous up to 50% off sale will increase to up to 70% off. It will be going live online (around 4am) although an online increase has not been confirmed yet and in-store from opening time on Friday 20th January. Please do check your local store’s opening times on Friday as I know some do open earlier.

There has been a lot of confusion this year as to when the up to 70% off sale would start, as for the last few year’s it has always been the the third week of January. I’m glad Boots have decided to ahead with the sale as it means plenty of bargains for us all! If you want to see what I managed to get last year in the sale you can view my Youtube video here. Enjoy the sale on Friday and as always, please do let me know what bargains you manage to get!


FREE CPR Babygrow with Tesco

Last year, St John Ambulance research found that only one in four parents would know what to do in this scenario – despite most saying that this was the first aid emergency that they fear the most. So Tesco are teaming up with them to try to change that! To help as many parents as possible, Tesco has joined forces with St John Ambulance to help spread the little-known but incredibly important lesson of baby CPR. With the help of Humpty Dumpty, we’ve also created a babygrow that provides all the life-saving information you need to help you remember what to do, just in case an emergency should happen. In selected stores on 13 October 2016, Tesco will be running first aid demonstrations and giving away these limited edition babygrows (while stocks last) – while helping to fundraise for St John Ambulance’s life saving work with a suggested donation of £3 per babygrow. To find out more information you can visit the Tesco website here.

CheckoutSmart – The Best Way To Maximise Your Savings

You have probably heard me talk about cash back for some years now. Yet still even I forget to use these great apps to maximize my coupon shops and weekly food shops. Coupons are fantastic when they are around, but recently I’m finding myself using cash back apps more and more in this coupon drought.

feeb458c61c07d293c1edac0fe2a2c12CheckoutSmart is one of the best cashback apps on the market and offer fantastic freebies and rewards each week to their users. As well as getting cash back from supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose and Iceland. You can also get cash back from bargain stores and other high-street names. These include B&M, Farmfoods, Heron Foods, Lloyds Pharmacy, Superdrug and Wilko’s.

You are also not limited to in-store shopping anymore, CheckoutSmart now offers cashback for online food shopping. Also, if you don’t want to use the app you can now do everything on their website too! For example this week you could save £227.90 by using the app how amazing is that! The offers change weekly and here is how I incorporate CheckoutSmart into my weekly shopping… I always plan ahead, so I will write out my shopping list, I then open up the app to see what offers are available and add these onto my list if need be.

I love finding all the freebie offers as it’s a great way to try new products and increase your savings. Once I’ve done my weekly shop, I then keep my receipt handy and open up the app and hit ‘claim’. I then take a photo of my receipt and upload it to be reviewed. Once the cash back has been approved it appears in my CheckoutSmart account and I can withdraw directly to my bank account. There are lots of great products you can claim cash back on and why not save even more money on the items you love and buy each week? I hope this post has helped you and below are some useful video’s on how to use the app. You can visit the CheckoutSmart website here and start saving today!


Expert Mortgage Tips With Habito

Saving up for your dream home can be a costly and stressful time. Most of us will be looking into ways of lending to obtain our dream homes. For me, I don’t know the first thing about mortgages and it’s easy to feel confused and daunted by the whole situation. Habito, the UK’s only digital online mortgage broker, has compiled 4 of their best tips to help you when looking for a mortgage.

Brokers – There are some 1000’s of mortgage products out there and so many lenders, you need help to navigate the market. A mortgage broker can help you navigate the market and find the best deal for you. Brokers make money from the lender when an application is complete, so there is no need to charge you to help you. Some do charge but have a look around online for the best advice.

Digital – It’s 2016, and the mortgage industry is screaming out for some innovation. Anyone looking for a mortgage should be able to sort out their mortgage with an online mortgage broker. No need for payments, fax machines, massive forms or meetings. This can actually help many couples and families out, who don’t have time to go into a branch and be quizzed for hours on end. Habito is one of the few if not the only online mortgage brokers in the world, using technology to automate the process of acquiring this type of financing. For a seamless process, they come highly recommended and have been referred to as a miracle broker – read this review to hear what one family had to say earlier this month.

Online Calculators  – Be careful of relying on online calculators when working out your affordability to borrow. They do not give a realistic breakdown and can mislead you into thinking you can afford more. Basically, until you talk to a broker and get some in depth affordability details clear, any online mortgage calculator output is not that useful.

Comparison Sites – These websites have a huge presence, but their mortgage offerings do not reflect the entire market. You may be missing out on a good deal because they website doesn’t display it high enough. The mortgage market moves daily, so it’s important to keep up with the best deal.

Arm yourself with these 4 tips when you head out to find a suitable mortgage, or better yet, just hop over to Habito– they do after all exist to make mortgages as easy as possible

This post was written in association with Habito.

Ryanair Flash Sale 1 Million Seats from £9.99!

To celebrate the EU referendum Ryanair has launched a 24-hour flash sale! Sadly Ryanair may have been left a little disappointed with today’s vote but they still launched the flash sale with a little bit of humour! “As the UK’s largest airline, we hope the UK will vote to Remain in the EU. To celebrate what we pray will be a big Remain majority, we’re launching a 1 million seat sale with fares to Europe starting from just £9.99 – less than the UK’s £13 travel tax – for travel in October and November, just after midnight tonight until midnight (GMT) Friday.” Just like the EU Referendum, these fares are once in a lifetime and will be snapped up quickly, so you should get in quick to book your tickets before they sell out.  Click here to visit the Ryanair website and book your bargain seats!

Drayton Manor Tickets For Only 50p!

Drayton Manor have 1000 tickets available for only 50p each tomorrow morning! The reason for this fab flash sale is Drayton Manor have just had their 50 millionth visitor to the park today. The tickets will be available to purchase online only and will be released at midday tomorrow (Wednesday 15th June 2016). There is a maximum of five tickets that can be bought per person and will be available on a first come, first served basis. The tickets will only be valid for use within the park’s Summer of Fun between 23rd July – 31st August 2016. These flash sales are always popular and sell out within seconds. If you want to get your hands on these bargain tickets then you need to set an alarm and get on the website early. You can visit the Drayton Manor Website here where you will need to purchase your tickets tomorrow! *1000 50p tickets will be available to buy from midday the day after the winner has been announced (15th June 2016). These tickets are based on a first come first served basis and once they are gone, they are gone. The 1000 tickets will only be available to purchase online directly from Drayton Manor’s website. 

Drayton Manor Tickets For Only 50p