At Asda we accept all manufacturers' coupons (including internet coupons) in line with the terms and conditions of each coupon I.e. Customers must buy the product to redeem the coupon. There is no limit to the number of coupons that can be redeemed in a transaction. Read the FULL policy here.



A coupon will be accepted if:

  • It has a barcode
  • It has terms and conditions and they are validated
  • It's not a competitors' voucher (unless specifically advertised in store)
  • The coupon is being redeemed against the correct product
  • We sell the product.

Read the FULL policy here.


• We'll happily accept your coupons if you've bought the product.

• This includes Tesco and Branded supplier coupons.

• Unfortunately if you haven't bought the product we can't accept the coupon.

• The coupon must be in date

Read more on the Tesco FAQ page



There is no set coupon policy for Morrisons but they do accept printed and manufacturers coupons. If you have any problems you are encouraged to email ([email protected]).


Again there is no set policy for The Co-op, I have had no problems with coupons before but if you do get trouble in your local store. Give customer services an email they are always really helpful!


I have had coupons accepted in Iceland before, again there is no set policy. If you have any problems it’s worth contacting customer services, as you may be compensated in vouchers for your trouble. This is the same with all supermarkets.